The Weave is a unique offering of two sizeable spaces and studios for rent. The two spaces and studios for rent can be used separately or combined where needed. This makes it the perfect place for small to medium-scale events, photography shoots and studio space artwork rental in Singapore.


9.3M X 5.5M X 3.4M

Looking for the best artwork and photography studio space for rent in Singapore?  Space A is the perfect studio rental for Singapore photography. It suits creative endeavours in portraiture and still-life photography, as well as other forms of audio-visual media which capture better in an enclosed space within a controlled environment.

Studio Space Artwork Rental

Space A is also the perfect studio space artwork rental in Singapore. Flanked with purpose-built exhibition walls, dimmable spotlights and wall tracks, it’s perfect for artwork and photograph displays. Curtains can also be wrought up to impart a more homely vibe to your art event or exhibition..


9.6M X 10.5M X 3.4M

Offering a distinct advantage in size, Space B is our main space. It is bathed in plenty of natural light flooding in from three tall and wide windows. This makes it one of the best rental studio space for photography, particularly for bigger production shoots which require significantly more natural light and working space.

Space B is also a great multi-use space and studio rental for events in Singapore. You can combine both spaces to host a sit-down dinner for up to 100 pax or talks for up to 200 pax. It’s particularly great for elaborate events that have more complicated set-up logistics and processes, such as product launches of any scale.

Photogaphy Studio Rental Space

What We Do

A co-working space for a creative start up

Desk & Studio

$300/mth*    |    $100/week*     |    $50/day*

Our co-working desk and studio rental in Singaporeoffers space for both your creativity and productivity. Whether you’re flying solo or a part of a team, you’ll love our co-workingdesk and studio rental in Singapore. You’ll find many budding artists and growing start-ups alike, collaborating across our co-working desk space and studios for rent, working as a synergistic weave to cultivate a healthy environment that you’ll love to be productive in.

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Lights, Camera, Action

In addition to photography studio space for rent in Singapore, we also provide support in a wide range of professional photography equipment. We stock a variety of well-established brands.

Among others, some of the equipment on our list includes:

You will also gain access to a variety of amenities such as an equally well-stocked pantry and changing room, as well as stable Internet access.

To view our entire collection of loan photography equipment available to our photography studio space for rent in Singapore, please click here.

  • Profoto B4

  • Broncolor Scoro 

  • Arri Fresnel lights

  • Broncolor Para 222