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A long time coming

We moved into the studio sometime in January. We've prepped for the move in, perhaps since December. The first time I saw the space was probably early November; that was right about when I fell in love with the space. It's been 9 months now; funny how that's how long it takes for a human baby to get ready for the world - funny how this feels like my baby too.

It's not new to me anymore; we've had a few TV Commercials, several full productions, many portrait sessions, and even a celebrity model coming in. But from time to time, when it's quiet, and the setting sun streams in, and the shadows from the window sills streak long across the studio, I stop and think of when this would ever get old.

This is a first post that has been a long time coming. I think the studio is ready, and I hope people are ready for it too.

So watch this space.

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