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Update The Studio, Yogyakarta & D850

Hello internet.

I have decided to start writing short updates. That way you know I'm still alive, and the studio is too. We are very much breathing.

The team is growing and I'm happy to see the studio slowly coming into itself, forming its own identity by itself. It's seen many shoots since the last time I wrote, and many events too - a pop-up, product launches, various video productions, and heart-warming unions. I am personally looking forward to see more of what's too come.

As for the caption, I'm heading to Yogyakarta with Nikonschool (I know the picture is not Yogyakarta, but Bali - I'll have one when I get back). The seed for a travel photography course has been planted a long time ago. We've been patiently waiting for it to grow. Last year, we first saw its fruits when a group of 10 people went to Penang as the first travel photography course participants. This month, I get to personally lead a group; I am psyched.

I'll try to write more. There's a lot more things happening; I just hope I can keep up with the pace. Oh, and I am bringing a D850 to Yogyakarta, the city of Culture & Education. Comment on what you want me to try to with the camera, or eat at the city.

- E

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