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Avoid Sugar & Heartache

Never a dull day" - that means, my friend, my adrenaline flows like the river. Amen.  About a month ago, I had somehow got my hands on the one and only, la fancy portable hard drive, the rugged Lacie. While the wonderful people at Lacie did ask me to talk about my experience - which I will in a short while - let's do a disclosure here and say that this is not a sponsored post.  I'm going to say what I have in mind about what I have on hand.

Backstory. Hard drives and today's image makers go hand in hand. We consume storage space in more than just byte sizes (get it?) but by the truck load. That also means, we're not unfamiliar (double negative alert) to crashes and burns. Me being me, I've had my fair share of at least 4 in the past 5 years; already 2, this year alone. Never a dull day indeed. 

So I don't carry hard-drives to on-site shoots all the time. I am/was a little skeptic of hardy hard-drives. But this little guy came to me in May, and I thought, okay - let's give it a shot. And just last month, the little guy had already saved my behind once. 

It is a typical story and I am a little ashamed to tell it; what happened was, a help that I had for a shoot, misplaced one of my SD cards. That card was filled with at least half of the day pictures. That was hard work of everyone on set gone down the drain in a single act of carelessness.

Oh. The. Heartache.

But - and this may sound as cheesy and as advertorial as it can possibly be although it's true - I had a back up saved at the Lacie, which I wouldn't normally have. I made that on-site back up because I had the little guy with me and it saved me. So, nowadays, I carry it wherever I go.

It's a big change for me. You see, I used to not carry hard drives because I see them as fragile. This guy is built pretty hardy. It is also supposed to be water proof - however, I don't know how water is going to stop coming through the USB-C port. Maybe I'm missing something. Hm. Oh, it also comes with a USB-C cable.

The USB-C port is the next best thing I like about this little guy. USB-C is the next in line to replace all the data ports. Macbooks, Dell XPS, and many flagship phones are already on it. One day, you can use the same charger for your phone to charge your laptop/other device. And you know what, you probably can use the same cable to use on the Lacie. 

I love that. I love the fact that I don't have to carry different cables for my phone and for my drives. That also assured me that I will always have a cable for my phone with me where-ever I go, now that I am actually carrying the hard drive wherever I go.

Maybe to round off everything, I think the strength in a product shows when/if it is capable to alter your lifestyle or life-choices. It is a good product when it raised an issue that didn't occur to you and then become invisible; by this I mean, the product solves this issue that you didn't realise and then become a seamless part of your every-day that you don't really take much notice of it, or that issue, anymore.

This is what I feel about this little guy - I keep calling the rugged that, I might have to rename it to that. It has made me appreciate having something durable and handy with me all the time. And after a while, it has seamlessly become just part of my day-to-day devices. I throw it in my bag, and I just know it'll be there. 

It's become invisible, in a good way.

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