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Blink and It's 2019

photo by Lee Guang Shun (@guangshun)

The original title of the post is "Blink and suddenly it's July". I know cause it's been in the draft folder for a very long time - Elliot, the procastinator, remarked bashfully.

I kept telling people that 2018 flew past; I say it about every year but 2018 felt especially fast. But then again, I also say that about every year.

Still though, take a look at 2018; first full year for the studio. We ramped up rentals and shoots - had several weddings, workshops, and even ShootSIN 2018 with Broncolor before slowing down for the year end cause of renovation. On the shoot front, we weren't so shabby either shooting for new clients like KLOOK, Novotel, Omakase Burger, Fatboys, Mediacorp, and a few more. So hey - all around pat-pat.

I said all around - because all that wouldn't have been possible without getting a team together; Guangshun (GS), Vanie, & Germaine joined us in the early half of last year to help make everything happened. Though like a season finale, people had to leave towards the end of 2018. I'm proud of everyone though. I'm grateful for everyone.

This is my catching up post. GS mentioned how my very very outdated post is headlining the first page of the studio website; ack - the horror. Whoever you are, however you are, and wherever you are - hope 2018 has been kind to you, and I hope 2019 will be as well.

PS. I can't believe it's only January.


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